Dear citizens of the city of Astana!

Medicinal provision of the population on the basis of the guaranteed amount of free medical service at the inpatient and inpatient substitutive levels (day hospitals) is carried out with medicinal forms of medical organizations.

Medicinal forms are posted on the informational desks in medical organizations of the city.

On an outpatient level, the release of drugs carried out free of charde with the doctor's prescription at the place of attachment to the outpatient clinic (polyclinic, outpatient family health center, etc.) on the basis of the List of medicines and medical products for free and preferential provision of the population within the GAFMS at the outpatient level (hereinafter – the List).

As of 2014, there were changes made to the List. The changes were approved by the order #726 of the Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 12, 2013 (changes in order of the Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 4, 2011 #786).

Changes in the List have affected the following diseases:

1) The List of medicines is divided into basic therapy for all categories of the population. Additional therapy is provided on a free basis for socially vulnerable groups of population for only 5 diseases: ischemic heart disease, arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure and osteoarthrosis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

Socially vulnerable groups of the population include children under the age 18, pregnant women, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, disabled people, mothers with many children, «Altyn Alka» and «Kumis Alka» recipients, retirees by age.

2) 10 drugs are excluded – Diltiazem, Retard pill, Corvedilol pill, Metoprolol pill, Lysinopril pill, Lozartan pill, Lozartan + hydrochlorothiazide, Valsartan + hydrochlorothiazide , Theophylline capsule, Theophylline, Retard capsule, Ipratropium Bromide, aerosol for inhalation dosed.

3) The List was added with 10 drugs for diseases such as: rgeumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease and uclerative colitis, diabetes mellitus, organ and tissue transplantation, etc,.

а) Bronchial asthma 2 drugs: Indacaterol, powder for inhalation, Roflumilast pill.

б) Chron's disease and ulcerative colitis – Methotrexate pill;

в) Diabetes: Glimpiride + metformin pill, Liraglutide, solution for subcutaneous injection;

г) For patients with organ and tissue transplantation – methylprednisolone pill;

д) Rheumatoid arthritis 1 drug: golimumab, solution for injections;

ж) Ischemic heart disease – Acetylsalicylic acid + Clopidogrel, pill;

з) Patients with prosthetic heart valves, after bypass and stenting - Acetylsalicylic acid + Clopidogrel, pill, etc.

Orders #726 and #786 on the List are attached.

The lit is posted on the informational desks of outpatient and poluclinic organizations of the city and on the web pages of the Department of Health of the city of Astana and of medical organizations of the city.

The physician prescribes prescriptions for medicines to patients, who are on a dispensary record for diseases included in the List. The electronic prescription is issued once a month in the amount of a monthly requirement.

All necessary procedures for purchasing medicines for the free provision at the outpatient level have been carried out. At the moment, the release of free medicines is carried out according to the List from the beginning of the year. There are isolated cases with a lack of drugs in pharmacies of the city.

Purchase of medicines for expensive nosology (onchohematology, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia, orphan diseases, oncohematology, etc.), previously purchased from the local budget, is carried out through a single distributor at the expence of the central budget. Release of these drugs for diseases is carried out through the pharmacy at : Tauelsizdik str., 11/1 (the former Manas str.).

The list of medicines and diseases is also approved by the order of the Minister of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan #786.