1. The main tasks of the family health center “Shipager: are :

1.1. Provision of a qualified medical service to population of the served area at the family health center “Shipager: and at home;

1.2. Organization and carying out of a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing morbidity, disability and mortality among the population of the served area and employees of the attached institutions;

1.3. Organization and implementation of clinical examination of the population (healthy and diseased), especially teenagers, people with a high risk of cardiovascular, oncological and other diseases;

1.4. Organization and carrying out of measures on sanitary and hygienic education of the population, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced nutrition, strengthening physical activity, fighting against smoking and other addictions;

2. Family Health Center «Shipager», which is an idnependent institution, retains the rights of a legal entity and has a stamp with the designation of its name.